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Aktuella internationella händelser


"Internationella händelser" syftar på "händelser där LÄRARE är målgruppen och/eller ELEVER är målgruppen". Båda typer av händelser presenteras under ett och samma uppslag eftersom internationellt förekommer ofta händelser där lärare resp. elever är målgruppen samtidigt.
Samma gäller Internationella händelser och Kommande och återkommande internationella händelser.



Announcing SUZUKI™ Sunday - Season 4


SUZUKI™ Sunday Season 4

Start: Sunday 4 September 2022

For detailed information see ESA

Attendance by subscription. ESA members only. Places are limited. Please do not subscribe unless you are committed to attending on the day.

Subscription is free The generosity of those who give their time to make SUZUKI™ Sundays happen is much appreciated.

No recordings are made These sessions are not recorded through respect for the protection of content of presentations.

Numbers are limited Teachers who subscribe and do not attend on the day, deny colleagues the chance to attend.

No waiting list Subscription is on a first come first served basis. Once it is fully booked, subscription is closed.



European Suzuki Parent Festival

European Suzuki Parent Festival

on 2 October 2022 at ONLINE

Program (download)

Register >

Registration fee £10.
Registration closes 21 September 2022



British Suzuki Music Association Gala UK

Albert Hall

From 8 April to 9 April 2023 at Royal Albert Hall, London

Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, Piano, Flute and Recorder.
Advanced Violins will play Mendelssohn concerto, 3rd movt.
Cellos will play Haydn Concerto in C, 1st movt.

Teachers and parents are reminded that students must be members of their own national Suzuki association and can only be entered from qualified Suzuki teachers.

Registrations are invited from Book 2 students in all the above instruments.

Details are now on the BSMA website.



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